seagull kite

The Seagull is the latest kite by Mullers' Kitefishing. It can fly straight downwind, 70 degrees to the left or right, or anything in between, giving it a 180 degrees fishing range.

The Seagull works in winds from 15 to 45km/h.

It works best with the bait ferry, but you can start kitefishing with only this kite on its own.

Price: R500


Did we call this sport kitefishing?

Sorry, our mistake. It is actually normal fishing, except that we use a kite to cast your normal bait beyond the back line- 300m or more! The bait ferry can be used to do the casting.

The bait ferry runs like a cable car on the kite's line. It takes your bait out to sea, where it drops it off, and then returns to take out your friends' baits as well!

Price: R 650


To get the maximum angle out of a cross shore wind, you'll need the thinnest line possible. Dyneema is the worlds strongest fibre, and a 90kg breaking strain of Dyneema line has 3 times less thickness than the same strength of nylon fishing line! The diameter is 0.5mm.

This also makes it lightweight, but more importantly- it has almost no stretch! You can roll Dyneema onto a plastic Scarborough type reel under tension without worrying about getting your reel broken!

You can also use the Dyneema on your fishing reel.

We only stock the genuine braided Dyneema. It comes in spools of 500m and has a 90kg breaking strain. We offer it at the lowest possible price in SA to encourage you to use the best line available.

Price : R 570


We do supply a bait clip with every kite, but if you want some extra ones, you can order it.

Price: R25


Orders inside South Africa can either be collected in Langebaan, or posted. Postage with the SA Post Office is about R75.

If you want to make use of a courier service, it can be arranged.

International postage is about R1000.

To order any of the above, kindly click on the Contact us link for contact details.