For many years kite fishing in Kwa-Zulu Natal used to consist of a bait connected to float, being pulled into the sea by a kite. Since offshore winds in KZN is so rare, this sport gradually died out. Today all that has changed.

The new patented Seagull kite by Mullers' Kitefishing now allows you to fish all afternoon in a SW or a NE wind. What's more, even if the wind dies, or it gets dark, you can still have your bait where it should be: behind the back line. Too good to be true?

On a normal day, when the NE or SW blows, the Seagull kite flies in a direction it shouldn't: up to 70° to the side of the wind direction. All you need to do now is send the Seagull kite out past the back line. You will still have your normal fishing kit- a rod, reel and bait as usual. Now, instead of casting your bait, you will connect it to the bait-ferry. Keep your finger on the drag to prevent over winding and watch as your bait gets ferried over the waves to the back line. There it gently drops off into the sea! What's more, the ferry automatically comes back and waits do deploy your next bait!

If you feel a bit energetic, you can also troll your bait. Trolling is where you attach a float with bait onto the kiteline, and send the bait out to sea, where you keep it moving around either letting the kite in and out, or simply walking down the beach.